Sunday, May 17, 2015

Back to Life, Smokless

I went on a trip to Europe for 3 months.   I went and was in 17 cities in 90 days. It was a good time, life altering.  I got back 2 months ago and found a job. The job is a good job but the same routine every day can get boring.  There is more to life and traveling is my big desire. To go places, to see things, to do things.  In my new stretch in life I am going to do an experiment in lifestyle design. If I want to travel more I need to save more. If I want to do more then I need to actually go out and do it.  The first thing I am going to do is quit smoking.  I am going post updates here to serve as an accountability to myself and others.  It has been about 56 hours since my last cigarette.  I have found the 3rd day to be the worst so this will be a rough 12 hours.  They say after 72 the physical withdrawals are gone and then it is all mental.  I am doing well mentally but I have cravings as I type. To help with cravings I am inhaling black pepper oil.  We will see if that helps. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

What About Mail?

      When you travel for a length of time you have to figure out what to do about your mail. There are a couple different options that I have found:
  1.  Have mail held at the post office
  2. Have someone you trust pick up your email
  3.  Subscribe to a mail service
 Post Office Hold
      If you are going to be gone for more than 3 days and less than 30, you can contact the post office to hold your mail.  This allows you to leave without having people know that you aren't home by the fact that your mailbox looks like a pop fresh biscuit tube.  

USPS Hold Mail Service

 Trusted Person
      If you have a trusted friend of family member that can take care of your mail it is a good option. You can either use that person as your address or you can pick up a PO Box.   A PO Box is obviously not free but depending on where you live you can spend less than $100 a year.  If you’re trusted one will allow you can just use their address as your address. This is cheaper as you most people that care enough to allow you to do this will not charge you and instead will settle for a souvenir. This option is good for those trips over 30 days and if you don't plan on getting much mail that you need to act on when you are gone.

Mail Service
If you are going to be gone for over 30 days and don't have a trusted person, or don't want do inconvenient anyone, a mail service is an option.  This is probably your most expensive option but there are some good options for the long term traveler.  Some will forward your mail based on where you are going to be at a specific time.  Other services will have scan your mail and give you the option to have it sent to you or just shredded. The scanning services give you an option of not falling behind on mail and bills while you are gone.  Here are some options with a disclaimer that I have never used any of them but Earth Class Mail has been recommended on more than one occasion

Earth Class Mail
Traveling Mailbox
Virtual Post Mail

Are there any that options that you prefer to use more than others or an option that I missed?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I Guess That's Settled

What I got in my fortune cookie today

       I have been planning an indefinite international trip.   I am starting out with 6 weeks in  Barcelona,  Spain and from there it is not decided.  Since I am an American i need to leave Schengen Area within 90 days from the day i show up Europe.  My next destination has been narrowed down to the following:
  • Ireland and the UK
  • Former Yugoslavia
  • Morocco
  • Madrid
  • Italy by car
     I am what are your thoughts?  Where would you go next if you were in my shoes?