Sunday, May 17, 2015

Back to Life, Smokless

I went on a trip to Europe for 3 months.   I went and was in 17 cities in 90 days. It was a good time, life altering.  I got back 2 months ago and found a job. The job is a good job but the same routine every day can get boring.  There is more to life and traveling is my big desire. To go places, to see things, to do things.  In my new stretch in life I am going to do an experiment in lifestyle design. If I want to travel more I need to save more. If I want to do more then I need to actually go out and do it.  The first thing I am going to do is quit smoking.  I am going post updates here to serve as an accountability to myself and others.  It has been about 56 hours since my last cigarette.  I have found the 3rd day to be the worst so this will be a rough 12 hours.  They say after 72 the physical withdrawals are gone and then it is all mental.  I am doing well mentally but I have cravings as I type. To help with cravings I am inhaling black pepper oil.  We will see if that helps. 

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